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London Telegraph - Hobart Food Hotspot article

Portrait of Sweet Envy chefs  Alistair & Teena Wise laughing together in their shop.

Hobart Food Hotspot - London Telegraph

Commissioned by the London Telegraph for an article about why Hobart has become such a food hot-spot, with London food writer Xanthe Clay.

Detail of Sweet Envy dessert for Telegraph Magazine, London.
Close up of a bowl of grilled calamari broth at Franklin Restaurant Hobart.
Portrait of Chef David Moyle standing at the end of a long counter in Franklin restaurant.
Chef portraits.
Chef Rodney Dunn in his kitchen at the Agrarian Kitchen cooking school.
Portrait of the Jay - owner/baker of Pigeon Whole Bakery in his bakery.
Herb garden at the Agrarian Kitchen cooking school.
2 big black pigs at the Agrarian Kitchen wallowing in the dirt.
Entree on a table overlooking the water at Glasshouse Restaurant.
2 dishes ready to go to the tables at Pilgrim Coffee Hobart.
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