Still Life + Product Collection

Still Life + Product Overview

Image Description: White Wilderness Whisky with glacier structures in the ice in the glass, reflecting its creation from Antarctic glacial water.

Still life photography is graphic design in camera.

Tasmania must visually compete to present its products, produce and services locally, nationally and internationally. It is my task to put Tasmania in the best light possible.

With one of the best equipped photographic studios in Tasmania, I shoot almost exclusively on high end Phase One digital medium format cameras + Profoto lighting.

Tasmanian clients include: 

• large and small businesses 

• Australian Federal Government, Tasmanian State Government and local councils 

• tourism and hospitality 

• primary producers, wine makers, brewers & distillers 

• education sector from the University of Tasmania and associated institutes 

• manufacturers, food producers and restaurants 

• many Tasmanian galleries, artists and designers.

Image Description: 2 hand made silver rings with set with brilliant blue gem stones snd diamonds, delicately balanced.
Image Description: Studio Still life photography of yellow finned tuna.
Graphic composition with dramatic lighting of a yellow finned tuna tail.
Image Description: An arrangement of 4 hand made silver rings with set with brilliant blue gem stones snd diamonds.
Image Description: Beautiful hand made silver ring with an actual living moss garden in in the ring , shot in a shower of rain.
Image Description: An arrangement of Metal Urges hand made jewellery.
Image Description: Sculptural steel mirror mounted on a chalk board 'thinking wall' with artist's sketched ideas featuring the word 'ENERGY...'.
Image Description: Still life of David Marsden lemon juicer surrounded by colourful citrus fruit.
Image Description: Food still life of live chicken standing in a tagine bowl on red background for Norman and Dann window display.
Image Description:  Volvo trucks at twilight with a dramatic sky.
Image Description: row of 11 Valhalla Ice Cream flavours on a reflective black background.
Image Description: Moo Brew range with bottles and glasses of beer in front of a John Kelly painting - Tasmanian boutique beer.
Image Description: Leatherwood honey pouring from a white bowl on red background for Norman and Dann window display.
Image Description: Close up of ​Parish Vineyard Riesling label, designed by Futago.
Image Description: Close up of Sugarloaf Ridge Pinot Noir label, designed by Lynda Warner.
Image Description: Honey seductively dripping off a sexually explicit sculptural spoon.
Image Description: Macro photography of trout flies.
Possum Dun trout fly, tied by George Clarke.
Image Description: Still life of Smitten woollen gloves and a dying rose, with the hands in the gloves drawn onto the paper background.
Image Description: Tinfoil Collective timber cutout broaches sitting on a shadow shelf.
​Image Description: Flock of Two still life of a two tone cow hide clutch purse.
Image Description: Still life botanics of herbs, spices and fruits spread out behind a glass and bottle of Splendid Gin.
Image Description: Black and white of young girl admiring her metalic pink Blundstone boots.
Image Description: Product photography and digital photo illustration for John Bull safety Boots, with a walking boot with shock absorption points graphics superimposed.
Image Description: Studio photography of a pair Blundstone gumboots leaping vertically out of a water background.
Image Description: Tan leather Blundstone boots walking without anybody in them.
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