Peter Whyte Photography

Photography for Graphic Designers

With a background in graphic design, and a reluctance to differentiate the discipline of design from that of photography, I coined the phrase Photo Graphic Designer.

Much of my work involves close collaboration with designers, where the approach to photography is considered throughout the design process. This intimate understanding of the designer's intent enables me to tailor the photography to the specific project.

Many designers also take advantage of my extensive WhyteGoods Image Library for additional images. 

(On-line library under construction. Off-line enquiries welcome.)

By way of example, I have assembled a gallery of work on which I have collaborated with renowned graphic designer, Lynda Warner. I have been photographing with Lynda for over 25 years.

Collaborations like these generate the most challenging, exhilarating and satisfying of assignments.

Enquiries welcomed.

P:   +61 3 6231 0440

M:   +61 418 319 117

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