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Emerging - Decaying

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Emerging - Decaying 2015

'Emerging - Decaying' are stilled lives contemplating the brevity of life, ageing, mortality and the evolution of nature's only real strategy for immortality - beauty, sex, and the passing of genes to the next generation. To portray the process of emerging and decaying, I closely observed the specimens in my studio over a period of weeks, selecting moments to capture. Each final stilled life is a composite of between 15 and 30 individual focus blended frames.

'Emerging - Decaying' was part of an exhibition entitled 'Three', held at Bett Gallery, Hobart in February/March 2015 by three artists:

Belinda Winkler - ceramicist and sculptor

Curtis Hore - sculptor

Peter Whyte - photographer.

The sculptures and photographs are available through Bett Gallery.


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