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Black and white portrait of Tasmanian sculptor, blacksmith and knife maker Pete Matilla in his studio at Battery Point Hobart.
Musician Martin Blackwell holding his white violin.
Moody portrait of Molly in a deep red Issey Miyake garment and jewellery by Linda van Niekerk
Portraits of main characters for the 2019 Aldi Christmas campaign.​
Father and daughter Jack and Anna Cotton in the doorway of their wool shed with sheep and lush green paddocks behind.
For Australian Wool Innovation.
Black and white portrait of Tasmanian artist Paul Boam seated in his studio.
Black and white portrait  against a stone relief sculptural wall for Company Directors Magazine front cover.
Supervisor/carer David with Samson wearing hi viz vests, planting out pear tree cuttings in a nursery paddock for Oak Tasmania
Black and white portrait of artist Patrick Hall against a full frame background of his work..
Black and white portrait of artist Lucienne Rickard in her studio with graphite shark drawing in progress.
Environmental black and white portrait of artist Fiona Hall, at Tarn Shelf, Mt Field National park.
Chef Rodney Dunn from the Agrarian Kitchen walking away from his vegetable garden carrying a basket of fresh picked vegetables.
Portrait of Chef David Moyle standing at the end of a long counter in Franklin restaurant.
Environmental portrait of David Gonsky with dark glasses against a minimalist concrete wall.
Black and white portrait of young girl on the island of Abiang, Republic of Kiribati​.
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